Mother of the Bride Colors to Coordinate with the Bridal Party

Mother of the Bride Colors to Coordinate with the Bridal Party

Are you going to have a wedding for your daughter soon? If so, you might be wondering what your biggest concern is as the mother of the bride. What color dress should you wear on her big day? Of course, we know that you should definitely refrain from wearing any shades of ivory, white, or even champagne sometimes to avoid clashing with the wedding dress. Despite this, there are lots of gorgeous color options for mothers to wear! 

One of the best ways you can be sure that your gown color is appropriate for the wedding is by simply matching it to those of the bridal party1 Here’s a handy guide for you in case you need a little guidance when choosing complementary colors:

Purple Bridal Party Gowns


The color purple is associated with richness, luxury and royalty. The mother of the bride can coordinate her dress in colors that add to the luxury of the event by choosing plum, lavender, eggplant, silver, navy and gold.



Neutral Bridal Party Gowns


  When you choose a neutral color theme for your bridal party, you have the freedom to choose any shade of color you'd like for your mother of the bride's dress! You can opt for a simple black gown, a pop of color, or even stick with a similar neutral shade to the bridal party gowns. 



Blue/Green Bridal Party Gowns


This color combination is universally flattering for bridal parties! Coordinating the mother of the bride's dress with this color scheme will be pretty easy. The coordinating colors for the mother of the bride are emerald, hunter, aqua, seafoam, slate green, peacock wine, eggplant, putty, navy and gold/silver.



Coral, Red, or Pink Bridal Party Gowns


The bride's color theme of pastel pinks and purples is feminine and playful. Her mother can complement the color scheme by wearing deeper and earthier shades in the same color family, such as blush, Mauve, Merlot, Burgundy, Sangria, Wine or go for colors that will complement like gold, silver and charcoal.



Orange/Yellow Bridal Party Gowns


 When the bridal party wears yellows, oranges, and other summery colors, the mother of the bride should choose metallic hues to complement them. Her dress should be in mid-tone browns with neutrals such as pewter, gold, silver, navy blue, black, and taupe. Plus, we love that this particular gown has a detachable shawl! 


 Now that you have this guide detailing different coordination colors for the mother of the bride dress based on the bridal party theme, you are prepared to start shopping! Book an appointment with our bridal experts today at Chantal’s Bridal and Formal!